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It’s easy to change your gas, electricity supplier with The Big British Switch

Simply sign up to join our next collective switch with your email address and postcode and we will actively negotiate a better deal for you in your area. When we have successfully negotiated the best deal for you we will let you know. To see how good the deal is in your area all you have to do is complete the following steps.

  1. Enter your Email Address & Postcode.
  2. Tell us how much energy you use, and who supplies it.
  3. We’ll show you the best energy deals for you and the exclusive negotiated energy tariff on behalf of The Big British Switch.
  4. Choose the energy tariff that suits you and complete your switching application.

Once you have completed your switch just sit back and relax. We will take care of the rest so all you have to do is settle your final bill with your current supplier and worry about what to do with your savings amount this year.

Where do I find all of the necessary information needed to switch my energy supplier?

All of the information that you need to compare and switch your energy supplier is displayed on a copy of your latest energy bill or can be found by calling your current energy provider directly.

In order to generate a basic energy quote and complete your energy switch you need to know who your current energy supplier is and whether or not you have a Standard or an Economy 7 Meter Type in your property.

In order to give you the most accurate savings figures possible you will need to also know

  • Your Tariff Name with your current supplier
  • Your Energy Consumption in £’s or Kwh

In order to complete your energy switch efficiently it may also be worth knowing your full 21 digit MPAN number which begins with 01 or 02 and your MPRN number in the case that your meters cannot be found upon the national database.

Frequently Asked Questions About Energy Switching

We appreciate that switching your energy provider can raise several questions throughout the process, many of them can be answered at the click of a button. Therefore we have compiled a list of common questions asked to our customer services team.


Why Should I Switch My Energy Supplier?

If you are one of the 22 million UK households that didn’t switch energy supplier in 2016, you are almost certainly not on the best energy deal for your household. The latest data suggests that the average UK household could save over £200 by switching their energy supplier. In 2017 5 of the Big 6 energy companies have put up their prices for standard tariffs by over 6%. Even if you have renewed with your current supplier to a new tariff recently, you can still save money on your bills by switching suppliers with The Big British Switch, all you have to do is register and wait for the deal to come to you!

I have a Prepayment Meter, can I switch?

We often negotiate prepayment tariffs as part of our exclusive offerings but even if we don’t have one running now, you should still be able to see a good selection of prepayment tariffs in our comparison.

I want a 100% Renewable energy tariff, can I switch?

We often negotiate 100% renewable tariffs as part of our exclusive offerings but even if we don’t have one running now, you should still be able to see a good selection of 100% renewable tariffs in our comparison.

How long will it take for my energy supply to switch over after I complete my Switching Application?

The industry standard time for a switch to go through is between 3 to 4 weeks from the date you submitted your switching application form. You don’t need to do anything in this time – the changeover will be handled for you, and your gas and electricity will work as normal throughout the switching process. Just keep an eye out for your new supplier to contact your with your new energy switch details.

Do I Need To Contact My Energy Supplier Should I Decide To Switch?

No. Your new energy supplier will arrange everything for you. Once you have chosen your new supplier and and completed an energy switch to them, the new supplier will arrange for the transfer to take place.

Can I Cancel My Switch If I Change My Mind?

Once you have entered into a new energy contract, you will have a ‘cooling off’ period of 14 days during which you can cancel your switch.

What is My MPAN Number?

Your electricity MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is the unique identifying number for your property. Your MPAN is sometimes referred to as a Supply Number. It is unique to your property and does not change if you change supplier.

Your MPAN should be printed on your recent electricity bill. Do not confuse your MPAN number with your electricity supplier account number or the meter serial number printed on your electricity meter. The format of a MPAN is standard and will normally be shown on your bill using a large ‘S’ and a grid of numbers. Your MPAN number is 21 digits long and should be printed in the format below on a recent electricity bill.


What is My MPRN Number?

Your gas MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number) is the unique identifying number for your property. Your MPRN is sometimes referred to as a M Number. It is unique to your property and does not change if you change supplier.

Your MPRN should be printed on your recent gas bill. Do not confuse your MPRN number with your gas supplier account number or the meter serial number printed on your gas meter. The format of a MPRN is standard. It is between 6-10 numerical digits long and should be in a similar format to the one below.


I am Interested in Switching my energy supplier and I have a feed-in tariff (FiT)- Can I still switch?

Yes – it will be possible to switch to a new supplier and continue to be paid under the FiT by your old one.

Your feed-in tariff is a separate contract to the energy switch you may wish to undertake. When you switch energy suppliers the feed-in tariff will stay with the supplier it is currently with.

If I switch, will my meter change and will there be any interruption to my gas and electricity supply?

No. When you switch energy supplier, your electricity and gas meters will not change and there is no interruption of any fuel supply.

I Am Renting My Home. Can I Switch Energy Supplier?

Yes. If you are a tenant in a rented home and you are responsible for paying for gas or electricity, you have the right to choose your energy supplier.

I own a small business; will I be able to switch to this deal?

This is purely depending upon your meter type. As our deals are only available for domestic household’s only customers with domestic meter types can switch to one of the Big British Switch Deals.  If you are a small business owner and you have a Commercial Meter in your property we can give you a quote if you get in contact with a member of our team using our Contact Form or by emailing your enquiry to

What happens when my deal runs out?

The Big British Switch will be in touch about a month before it expires. We will have an idea of your needs and will come back to you with a recommendation on what to do next. You will never be abandoned to face future price rises.

I registered for the wrong deal, how can I see another type of energy tariff?

Simply refer back to your opening email about the deal – where you had registered from. If you cannot find that email, just use the Contact Form and tell us what type of tariff you would like to see; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


None of my questions were answered on this page

If you have questions that are not listed in the above FAQ’s about our current Collective Switch Deals or about the Energy Switching Process then please contact us by telephone on 0203 034 0301 between 9:00AM and 17:00PM or via email to our customer support team at

Alternitavly you can use our Contact Form and a member of our team will aim to respond back to your request within 24 hours.